Whistleblowing service for Polar Structure

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Polar Structure is a long-term and responsible social actor that protects transparency, honesty and a healthy working environment in all areas. The whistleblowing function is an important part of the work to detect and manage anomalies in the business. The service makes it possible to anonymously report any irregularities, which are then handled by an external and objective partner. Please read the instructions below before submitting your case!

The purpose of the whistleblowing function is for employees and others with a professional connection to the organisation to be able to report malpractices protected. This means that the company must not undertake any form of retaliation or obstruction against this reporting, and that information on the identity of the reporting person is protected by confidentiality.

What can be reported?

This feature allows people to report financial crime, such as bribery, theft and fraud, as well as other malpractices that are of public interest. These may include conflicts of interest, security breaches, environmental crimes, discrimination and harassment.

The reporting person shall have reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided is true, as otherwise they are not covered by the legal protection.

Persons who knowingly provide incorrect information is not covered by the protection in the new Whistleblower Act which came into force in Sweden at the end of 2021.

What can not be reported?

Cases concerning the work situation of an individual, as well as minor misdemeanours, complaints and general dissatisfaction, are not handled via the whistleblower function as there are other reporting channels for this.

For this type of issue, it is possible to contact your immediate manager, or Karim Sahibzada, chief governance officer at Polar Structure, who can be reached at karim@polarstructure.se.

Who can make a report?

All employees, and others who have a working relationship with the business, can use this whistleblower function.

This means that trainees, volunteers, consultants, suppliers and other partners can also report abuses.

Who can be reported?

The person reported must be a manager, employee or board member of the business. Even if it is unclear who committed the misconduct, it should be reported for further investigation.

How is a whistleblower case reported?

Tips that fall within the scope of the whistleblower function are reported via this digital reporting channel, also called whistleblower page.

The system is managed by the external and independent actor CRD Protection, who has extensive experience of investigations in both private and public operations in Sweden.

In addition to the digital reporting channel, it is possible to report irregularities to CRD Protection by telephone or at a meeting via +46 90-77 79 00 or utredning@crdprotection.com.

Handling of tips and investigations

The whistleblowing function consists mainly of a reporting channel and a reception and investigation function. All parts are handled by CRD Protection.

The reporter never has to state their identity and can use an anonymous solution for two-way communication with the external investigation function throughout the process in order to answer follow-up questions and receive feedback on the matter.

Tips that are not within the scope of the whistleblower function’s mandate based on the legislation, for example, if there is an issue of non-public interest, are sent to company management for handling and action.

Save username and password!

Remember to save the username and password that is created when you have reported your case via the form below, and log in regularly to be able to anonymously follow your case and answer follow-up questions from the external partner. For questions about the whistleblower function, you can send an email to utredning@crdprotection.com. Regarding the business’ handling of whistleblower matters, please contact your nearest manager or contact person at Polar Structure.